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“Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is not for sissies!  Bilateral TKR is a bit more tough.  Recovery is long – as long as six months.  With Mag’s partnership I got out of my wheelchair in four days (post operation), off the walker in nine days, off walking sticks in 11 days, I walked a mile on rough ground in 45 days, and I started doing hundreds of stairs and stopped using the elevator at 60 days.  My knees still swell, and I still have some pain, but at 70 days, I am fully functional in all regards and doing all I could hope for.  I am fully recovered from the crippled state I took to surgery. 


I have been driving 104 miles round trip twice a week to stay with Mag’s therapy.  Mag explains exactly what our goals are in each exercise, why and how it is important, and how it works.  This is very helpful motivation.  In teamwork with Mag’s help, leadership, skills, and knowledge, we accomplished and exceeded all our goals!  I believe that to a very large degree, my achievements in my rehabilitation were not possible without the signposts he kept ready for me.”John Carberry, Jefferson City, TN




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